Product Guarantee and Support

Product Guarantee

This product guarantee only applies to products sold directly to the customer from Othernet Inc. Products sold through third-party sellers or distributors are not eligible.

Receiver kits. We guarantee the individual components to be free of material and workmanship error for 12 months with standard use, as long as the original owner continues to own the components. Standard use is defined as strictly indoor use with protection against power surges. Customer takes responsibility for properly assembling kits, and we do not guarantee the results of the assembled receiver.

Reception Guarantee

This reception guarantee applies to all products intended to receive, or aid in receiving, Othernet's broadcast, including, but not limited to, Lantern and Receiver Kits. Due to the nature of satellite technology and the variable conditions that impact reception, Othernet guarantees only the transmission of content, not receipt of any given piece of content at a given location. Standard error reduction practices ensure the highest likelihood of reception.

Product Support

To keep prices low, we maintain a relatively small staff, which means we do not have a dedicated support team. Instead, support is offered in our online forum, where our engineering and development staff regularly answer questions. If you are experiencing a problem with your device, we recommend the following process as the fastest path to resolution:
1. Visit this post in our forum find out common reasons for problems with tuning in and receiving content. If you simply want more information about your product or Othernet in general, we recommend you try our support page, which is an excellent repository for knowledge related to Outernet.
2. If Step 1 does not solve your problem, browse our forum for entries from other users experiencing a similar problem. It is likely our team has already posted a solution. The Othernet Hardware section is a good place to start.
3. If you do not see your particular issue listed, post your problem for our team in our forum. Please post in Othernet Hardware. To ensure the fastest service, please include the following in your post (for your security, do not include personal information):
  • Device type (your equipment)
  • Your version of Skylark (If you are able to access Skylark, the version number is displayed at the bottom of the interface)
  • Your general geographic location (for security, do not provide your address)
  • Description of the problem

Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

Please see our return policy page for more information.